TurboSquid Updates: Highlights from the Pepe le Pew Sprint

Dashboard Updates
We carved out a larger chunk of time this sprint to further improve the dashboard for artists. Not only did we fix some bothersome bugs, but we also put in new requested features. The biggest feature for dashboard this time around is collapsible panels. Artists now have the option of collapsing panels to hide the things you don’t need to see at a glance.

The PixelSquid sales on the artist dashboard are now linking correctly to their respective PixelSquid assets. We’re now displaying CheckMate submission types in the CheckMate panel on the dashboard. We also did some clean up of the displayed information in a few of the panels.

Conversion Storage Tool Updates
Some of you might remember the new conversion storage tool we created to make conversions happen faster and easier for everyone. In the last sprint, we made another round of improvements and fixes to make it work even more efficiently for our support agents.

SSL Site Updates
You might have noticed all TurboSquid pages are now being delivered securely. In our ongoing effort to increase site performance and security, we’ve made the final move in switching over to SSL. Now all TurboSquid site pages should be sent over SSL all the time. Doing this should help us to take advantage of the further optimization and performance improvement potential. This is an ongoing project, so look for more updates about this in the future.

This time around, as usual, we tossed in a couple of small things. We did some regular ongoing Feature Graph related maintenance and cleanup. We updated the TurboSquid blogs to the latest WordPress release. We fixed some conditions where accounts with blank member names were able to be created. We made some minor cosmetic changes to the alert system which appears on the dashboard in preparation for future increased use of this feature. Finally, we fixed an issue where logging out from the artist dashboard was causing errors at the browser console.

As always, we encourage you to provide any feedback on these updates on the forums. Click here for the full site update post or to leave your comments.