Important Notice: Update Your TurboSquid Links

We recently migrated all TurboSquid links from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS. If you’re using links to any of your products or artist search results page, now is the time to change those links to maximize their value to Google.

Updating the links is simple – just add an “s” after “http”, everything else is the same.

If you’re interested in learning more about the importance of HTTPS, check out this article from Google.

The switch can be thought of almost like moving to an entirely new domain. We redirect anyone using an old HTTP link to the new HTTPS version of that page. Google also starts to recognize that the site is on HTTPS as it crawls our thousands and thousands of pages. Google will still find the right page if someone clicks the old link you share, but having the updated links helps speed up the crawling process.

Here’s a quick and simple example:

That’s it! Any links that you copy from the site now are automatically going to include https.