TurboSquid Updates: Highlights from the Oscar the Grouch Sprint

Help System
We spent some time working to clean up the knowledge base links and help content. There’s more work yet to do, but stay tuned and we will post more about that when it’s ready to explore.

Credit Card and Payment Systems
Some of you might have noticed several days ago that, for most of the day, we experienced failures processing credit card payments on the site. This failure related only to processing credit cards on the TurboSquid site, and credit card purchases made through PayPal and corporate account purchases worked fine. This was due to a failure caused by the PayPal’s credit processing service. In immediate response to the failures, we identified and pushed a series of fixes which enabled us to very quickly enable or disable purchasing, should the need arise. In this case, only purchasing by credit card was disabled briefly, and once service was restored we were able to re-enable it on the site quickly and easily.

Our miscellaneous fixes this time around included a change in the TurboSquid publisher. The publisher now allows artists to publish 18-frame turntables. This has been a frequently requested feature, so if you’re one of the artists who has been waiting for it, please check it out and let us know what you think.

In addition to the new turntable feature, we tossed in some other fixes here and there. We fixed some mixed content console errors that appeared in certain cases while searching for products on the site. There were some bad support links to our helpdesk content in various areas on the site, and we’ve corrected those. We fixed some cosmetic issues with the footer not sticking to the bottom of the page on particular views. We identified some 3D models that lacked the correct SEO URL template structure and those have now been corrected. We did some research into how the Feature Graph category ordering is happening on the product page in order to plan improvements in upcoming sprints. Lastly, we updated the copy on the welcome email for accuracy and to reflect various changes around the site.

As always, we encourage you to provide any feedback on these updates on the forums. Click here for the full site update post or to leave your comments.