Transitions Are Underway, Plus A Few Tool Updates

Introducing A New Home for TurboSquid Artists

If you’ve tried to log into your Artist Dashboard lately, you may have noticed a few changes. We’ve taken a significant step in the migration of the TurboSquid artist experience to the new infrastructure through this first step of integrating the sites more closely.

NOTE: This is not a rebranding of TurboSquid. Customers will continue to go to TurboSquid for all their 3D content, without any changes to their purchase process. Our goal with is to create a learning space for our artist community with tutorials and exclusive resources, and to allow publishing of content to both TurboSquid and PixelSquid.

This is just the beginning! Read more about the plans for and discuss with your fellow artists on our brand new forums.


New Tools for PixelSquid & TurboSquid

The publishing tools for both PixelSquid and TurboSquid have been updated. Here is what you’ll need to know about the recent tool updates:

PixelSquid: The PixelSquid Studio tools now work for V-Ray 3. The Inspector also has a new feature called Stop On Error, which should help to speed up the inspection process. It fails as soon as it finds one issue, instead of running through every vertex and UV, which reduces potential inspection times from hours to just minutes. Click here to read more about this release.

TurboSquid: This new version of TurboSquid Tools for 3ds Max completely replaces the Max tools for everything past Max 2009. Included in this release is the Inspector, which works for CheckMate Pro, CheckMate Lite, and PixelSquid inspections. This is the same tool that our very own in-house Inspectors use.  Read more about this release by clicking here.

New Featured Model

TurboSquid leaps into battle with our new Featured Image by TS Artist roman3dd! From sci-fi models to incredibly cute character design, this husband and wife team does it all. Check out our interview with Roman and Alina Makarenko over on the TurboSquid blog!

Want your model featured on the TurboSquid home page? Send it in!