PixelSquid Update, Dollars for Downloads and More

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Early feedback from users has been phenomenal. Users love the product, especially the advanced features that have been built into the Photoshop files. The one common point made by most has been the lack of variety in the catalog.

That said, we still need to get more users to the site and hooked on the product as soon as possible. We’re attacking that in a few ways:

Adding a link from TurboSquid to PixelSquid touting “Stock Images”

TurboSquid receives thousands of visitors per day, both new and returning. By adding a simple link we are exposing them to this new offering. We will be watching the site analytics very closely to see the effects – this is a test and could be removed.

Getting designers to come to us is hard, so we’re going to them 

We’re heading to one of the largest conferences for graphic design professionals next week, HOW Design Live. We will have a booth at the show, and will be courting press, demonstrating the power of PixelSquid products and talking directly with influencers in the design community. This is a great platform to showcase just how powerful the product is while also collecting their feedback.

Design Competition Starring a PixelSquid Product

To coincide with our presence at HOW, we are running a design competition that requires use of PixelSquid imagery as the focus of the submission. The winning submission will win a Wacom tablet and will be part of a featured article in Print Magazine.

Free Credits are Back

We saw activity and enthusiasm during our free credit promotion. In order to keep that momentum going, we will be giving each new signup $20 in free download credits. Unlike our first promotion, these credits will not expire. Also, in an effort to reignite our existing users, they too will receive the credits. We will be encouraging existing users to share PixelSquid with their friends and colleagues users, with the added value of free credits on signup.

Dollars for Downloads

By reintroducing free credits, you may be wondering “How will I make money on my content?”. We want to make sure that you are compensated for your efforts. To do this, we are setting aside a sum each month. Every time a customer downloads one of your products, you will receive a percentage of that sum based on the total number of downloads from the site.

For example, if one of your assets receives five downloads in one month and the total number of PixelSquid downloads in that same month equals 200, you will receive 2.5% of those funds that we set aside.Please keep in mind that these percentage payments only occur when a customer uses promotional credits. If a customer makes a normal purchase, you will receive your normal PixelSquid royalty.

We’re excited to see the results of these efforts, that said, enjoy one of our more recent comments from an enthusiastic user:

“Every now and then you stumble across an idea with so much potential that you immediately begin to see how it will reshape the future…in this case, the future of stock photography.  I created [a] photo composite using a free diving helmet stock image from www.PixelSquid.com.  Since PixelSquid images are photo-realistically generated from 3D models, each one can be purchased from the perfect angle with ideal lighting!  As if this isn’t amazing enough, images can also be downloaded as layered Photoshop files containing lighting layers, selection layers, and depth-mask layers!  These features make it substantially easier for compositors and designers to create breathtaking and believable scenes with minimal effort.  I love PixelSquid so much that I intend to share a comprehensive tutorial at www.msjphotography.com in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!”