StemCell Update: Support for USDZ & Arnold

We’re excited to announce that StemCell now supports USDZ and Arnold as output formats! We’ve already started to get requests for USDZ formats from customers, so artists who are submitting models to StemCell will be on the cutting edge of this area for potential sales, while Arnold is one of the fastest growing renderers on TurboSquid.

A couple things to note about technical restrictions with USDZ:

  • Much like the Unity and Unreal outputs, the USDZ output will only be created for StemCell models that include PBR Metallic Textures
  • Due to known bugs with USDZ display of refraction, USDZ will not be processed on any StemCell model that uses refraction or opacity

Be sure to check out the StemCell announcement about USDZ and Arnold and catch up on some of the new features and training that make modeling for StemCell easier and faster than ever.

Happy modeling!