Major StemCell Updates: Easier & Faster Than Ever

Whether you’re already one of our amazing StemCell artists or have been thinking about becoming one in order to reach new customers, we’re excited to tell you about some major improvements to StemCell that make the process easier, faster, and give you more opportunities to earn.

In case you’re new to the process, here’s what you’ve been missing…
StemCell utilizes the growing industry standards of texture based materials and PBR workflows, so whether you’re creating for game engines or traditional rendering applications, StemCell will get you there! The goal of StemCell is to bring models to as many different platforms with the highest fidelity possible. Create your models in either Max, Maya or Cinema 4D and we’ll handle the format conversion process for you.

Easier & Faster Submissions

No more long wait times: our Pre-Check Script returns a report about any technical problems within a few minutes after a model is submitted. The script provides extremely quick feedback about what needs to be fixed on the model without having to wait for an inspection from TurboSquid.

The workflow has also been updated to show artists their converted files and renders immediately after conversion. This allows you to verify your own work quickly, or to upload new files to fix any issues.

We’ve also added a comment field for jobs to quickly get feedback (or answers to questions) without having to open a support ticket.

More Outputs, More Opportunities

StemCell models work natively in several major apps and receive a boost in search results on TurboSquid. Since launch, we’ve added even more output files to reach a much larger customer base, such as Cinema 4D, obj, fbx, and glTF.

What’s next? Arnold is the fastest growing renderer in the TS marketplace and supporting it with StemCell content can give you the opportunity for even more customers. In the coming weeks, we’ll be supporting input and output for Arnold, as well as output for 3ds Max, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Find out if you already qualify for StemCell!

Artists who already work with texture-based or PBR models in 3ds Max, Maya, or Cinema 4D can easily get involved with StemCell. You may be surprised to find out that some of your content already qualifies!

  1. Read our new, quick StemCell Checklist for preparing models
  2. Take a deeper dive with our StemCell training portal
  3. Create your first StemCell model

Want to join the ranks of our incredible StemCell artists? Check out some of these models from the growing StemCell catalog below.

Food Truck by AT_studio Pro Models_3D
Old Chinese House by DRONNNNN95
Sci-Fi Table by Orest TerremotO
Rifle Modern B by 3dmate