Affiliate Links to Translated Versions of TurboSquid

If you’re not taking advantage of the TurboSquid Affiliate Program, you’re missing out on some extra cash! Sending traffic to TurboSquid can earn 15% commission for Basic members, while SquidGuild members receive 20%. For our non-English artists, you can now build your affiliate links so that they link to the internationalized version of your store. If you operate from a country where a customer is more likely to purchase from a site in their native language, this could be helpful to your efforts.

In order to get the link to the translated version of your desired page, scroll to the bottom of the home page and turn on your preferred language. For example, if your target audience speaks Russian, you can now direct traffic to URLs containing

Once you have your URL targeting your preferred language, you can follow the Affiliate Link building instructions as usual.