We are excited to release this first of three planned automated tools designed to help you, the artists, quickly prepare and “pack up” all of the assets associated with a model that is being published for sale on TurboSquid. This includes CheckMate inspection pre-flight tests to help ensure that your model meets the CheckMate standard, scene aggregation technology, image generation tools to create images that match the current TurboSquid image requirements and more.

The tool has been designed to manage the publishing preparation process, which can be a source of frustration for artists and tends to slow down your ability to create additional models to sell. We would much prefer that the majority of your time is spent building new models, with much less time dedicated to preparing your models to publish on TurboSquid.com in a “ready-to-sell” and CheckMate compliant manner.

While this particular tool is specifically designed for artists who model in Maya, momentum on publishing tools for both Max and C4D are already in the works as part of a much larger vision.

The following video is a quick overview of the benefits and features of the tool.

Additional written documentation is being created to which links will be added to this post once complete. In the interim, we have created the following four in-depth videos that more deeply explore the features:

The tool is available for download on the Squid.io Tools page. Specifications for and known limitations of the tool are:


Known Limitations:

  • If your scene contains animation or rigging data, the current version of the Maya Pack and Publish tools will not work for you and will remove the animation data upon initialization.
  • The tools won’t work if your Maya file has existing Rigging or Animation on it
  • The tools only work on Windows 7 or later for now (Mac OSX builds are coming)
  • The tools have been tested with Maya 2015 SP1 or later, and Maya 2016.
  • The tools work on files that use either mental ray or V-Ray (2.x & 3.x). Files that utilize the Maya Software renderer are not supported currently.


Tell Us What You Think

The artist community is our best resource when it comes to testing these types of tools. If you encounter any bugs, issues or just have comments regarding this release, please do not hesitate to share them with us by posting to this specific forum thread.