New Gallery Released & Important Image Notes

For 19 years, customers have asked for one thing over everything else: great imagery of your models. We’ve introduced a major upgrade of the TurboSquid Product Page with edge to edge images that enable you to showcase your creations like never before. 

The best way to take advantage of this is to start submitting 2k imagery at the standard 1920×1080 resolution. We designed the Product Page with this resolution in mind, and In the coming months, sometime after our new publisher is released, we will begin requiring 2k minimum imagery. For the first image, the Signature Image (also called the Search Image), we recommend square at least 1200×1200 on RGB (247,247,247) in the background. 

When creating the beautiful renders showcasing your models, we recommend using the best background possible, and using photographic techniques like great lighting and depth of field. Check out these product previews to see how other artists have already utilized their beauty shots:

Our team is currently building training and examples to help you make even more beautiful images, so if you have any suggestions for automation tools or image-related tutorials that you’d like to see, let us know

Here’s a smaller bit of good news for the current Publisher: we improved the Product Preview of the Publisher so you can see exactly what your models will look like online. Check it out by clicking “Preview” within a draft in the Publisher. Something you’ll notice there (which you may have seen on TurboSquid already)  is that there is a unique gradient color on the sides of your images when the browser is stretched. These gradient colors are based on the four corners of your image. If you would like a different gradient, especially if you have a lot of images that you don’t plan on updating, contact support with two colors for the gradient so we can update them for you.

Our new — and much delayed — Publisher is coming soon. Our team is hard at work debugging it and making sure the old and new publishers stay in sync. This will be a vast improvement, and a team is dedicated to releasing it as soon as possible.

Happy modeling!