2019 CheckMate Imagery Changes

Your images sell your model: the image in search that clearly shows what your model is, gorgeous product shots (especially the first one!) that show your model in the best possible context, the turntables that show the customer the full details of the work, and the wireframes and UV maps that provide a customer with the confidence that the model will suit their needs.

We are simplifying and standardizing some of the CheckMate imagery standards. Over the next four weeks, Inspectors will notify artists if the Product Imagery will not meet the upcoming standards. We will only begin enforcing these existing standards on August 12, 2019, so any models currently in production pipelines do not have to have their imagery changed.

The new Publisher (coming very soon) will help with these standards to catch errors, but for now, we will explain them through this announcement and updates to our documentation, which you can read in full here: CheckMate Pro Spec, CheckMate Lite Spec, and Product Imagery.

  • We’ve changed the minimum image resolution to standard 2k HD @ 1920×1080 pixels; this includes Product shots, Wireframes, and Turntables (previously a non-standard size was used @ 1480×800; this new resolution better matches our upcoming site redesign)
  • Turntable minimum frames is lowered to 12 (previously 18)
  • The first Product Shot is no longer required to exactly match the pose and composition of the Search Image (when the customer clicks on your product, this is what they’ll see first)
    • This should be the best image you have of your product, preferably not on white
  • While it is still highly recommended, you no longer are required to include a shadow in the Signature Image

As always, we welcome your feedback on these changes in the TurboSquid Artist Forums.
Happy modeling!