New: My Products Filters

We’re excited to introduce new custom filters for My Products, which are now accessible in the My Products sidebar. Adding custom filters will allow you to save your frequently used or favorite queries in My Products, allowing you to quickly navigate your catalogue. We anticipate these custom filters will be especially useful those of you with larger collections but we hope they’ll improve the overall product management experience for artists with catalogues of all sizes. Pre-existing folders will still be accessible in the legacy Product Manager.

Filters Sidebar - My Products

Setting Up a New Filter

New Filter My Products

Name: Choose a name for your filter.

Search Term: Product tags or titles you want to include in the filter.

Availability: Choose the preferred availability status of products: None, Offline, Online, Private

Price Range: Choose the preferred price range of products.

File Format: Choose the preferred file format of products: None, .3ds, .max, .c4d

CheckMate: Choose CheckMate status for products.