Autodesk protection tool for Maxscript infections

As we reported in an earlier blog post, we were made aware of several MaxScript infections by Autodesk that could result in the corruption of your 3ds Max scene, environment, files, and software settings. These issues were designated as ALC, CRP and ADSL and each causes their own set of problems for users who encounter them.

For those of you who were unaware of these new scripted vulnerabilities, we strongly recommend that you review our earlier post about them here:

In a recent update, Autodesk has released a new protection tool that can help detect and clean the existing Maxscript infections. Currently, the tool works inside of 3ds Max versions 2015 – 2019. If you are encountering any of the ALC/CRP/ADSL infections in older versions of 3ds Max (2014 or earlier), please contact Autodesk Support so they can review and resolve the issue.

The new tool and information about it can be accessed from the Autodesk App Store located at the following link: