Significant Improvements to CheckMate Automation for 3ds Max

We’re happy to announce that we are launching some improvements to the CheckMate inspection process which will make the process faster and easier. The number one suggested improvement for CheckMate is improving how long it takes to get feedback and we’ve now created some automated scripts which will significantly speed up the inspection for 3ds Max files. 

Starting today, any 3ds Max files on a CheckMate submission will be reviewed automatically using a script very similar to the existing CheckMate tools. If any problems are detected with the file, notes will be sent back to the artist with the specific information and links to knowledge base articles about how to fix them. If the only issues are small things the inspectors can fix, we will still be making those changes manually. If the model passes the review script, it will be sent directly on to the Product Preview review and the rest of the inspection. This means that you should get inspection results for a 3ds Max native file in under an hour instead of waiting in the queue. Since 3ds Max accounts for the majority of the CheckMate inspection this should increase the general speed of all inspections. 

We are going to be closely monitoring this new workflow to see what improvements are needed. It has been thoroughly tested with some select artists, but any feedback about how it works will be greatly appreciated. You can provide feedback and see general discussion about these updates in this forum post.

Once things with the 3ds Max automation are working well for the community, we will start to expand this automation to other 3D formats.