New Publisher Now in Beta: Feedback Wanted


We are pleased to announce that the new Publisher is now in open Beta! This milestone is the first big step in the future of TurboSquid Publishing. The next time you log into to publish a product, you’ll see a toggle at the top of My Products that allows you to access the new Publisher (see below to learn how to navigate the new Publisher).

Our Development team is looking to gather as much feedback as possible before the wide release of the new Publisher, so we’re inviting all TurboSquid artists to test it out and let us know about any issues you may encounter.


The Future of Publishing: Major Improvements

The new Publisher is a ground-up rewrite of the interface, focused on making publishing as quick and understandable as possible. While the legacy Publisher was an incredibly complex, fragile, and Flash-using system (which Adobe and Chrome will soon no longer support), the new Publisher enables our engineers to add new features and more easily fix bugs.

We’ve fully incorporated Category assignments and real-time feedback on Imagery Standards and License details into the experience to make publishing much easier. You now have the option to opt in or out of the new Imagery Standard. Opting in gives your product a boost in search but you can opt out and publish with only 5 product shots and a wireframe if you’re unable to produce the other imagery requirements.


Coming soon, we’ll be including markdown in your product descriptions.


Give Us Your Feedback

Check out the Beta forum to give us your thoughts. You’ll find instructions on the New Publisher in our knowledge base. If you encounter other issues, please share them with us in the forum thread. If you’re unable to access the forum, please contact Support.

Our team is aware of (and are currently working to fix) some bugs that our previous Beta testers have pointed out, including issues with turntables. If you encounter other issues, please share them with us in the Beta forum.

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Please note that the Legacy Publisher is available to you at any time throughout the beta, which you can access by toggling off the Beta Publisher at the top of My Products. Products originally added in the Legacy Publisher will not meet the image standard validation in the new Publisher. However, products published in the Legacy Publisher that meet the new imagery standard will also earn a boost in search.

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