PixelSquid Now Open to All Modelers & More Improvements

One of the unique benefits of selling your models on TurboSquid is the additional ways we provide you to make more money from your models… without much extra work on your part. PixelSquid, our marketplace aimed at graphic designers, is one of the best ways for TurboSquid modelers to earn some additional revenue, and we’ve just made it easier than ever to publish.

If you were previously interested in PixelSquid and found the process to be out of reach, we’ve made it easier and more expansive (hint: it’s not just for SquidGuild members anymore!) than ever before. We’re ready for you to jump in on this unique marketplace, which is experiencing continued growth and can help boost your model earnings.

If you haven’t checked out PixelSquid yet, it’s a library of almost 40,000 design-ready 3D objects that graphic designers can use without any previous 3D experience. Each object is rotatable and downloadable from 225 different angles. We’ve also got a Photoshop plug-in that makes it drop-dead simple to use the PixelSquid library directly from within Photoshop. Subscribers get access to the entire library for 1 recurring monthly fee, and you get paid based on how much your content is downloaded each month. The more unique downloads you get as a percentage of total activity, the more money you make.

Important Updates to Submission Process

We’ve made a few changes to make things easier. Most importantly, we’ve opened up PixelSquid publishing to ALL TurboSquid modelers, not just SquidGuild members! We’ve also added support for 3ds Max 2019/2020 and V-Ray 4. We’re speeding up the approval process to make sure we can keep the queue as low as possible. 

If you’re working with Max and V-Ray, your models might already be PixelSquid-ready. Even better: any models you submit in any format for StemCell are eligible for PixelSquid conversions as well. We automatically select and publish suitable StemCell submissions to PixelSquid for you.

A Perfect Time to Publish to PixelSquid

Despite the global pandemic, PixelSquid subscriber counts and revenue continue to grow. As the library grows, we believe the subscriber count will climb higher as well. A large collection of PixelSquid products are also syndicated to Envato Elements, bringing in even more revenue for modelers. We’re getting featured by prominent voices in the Adobe community – check out recent mentions by Adobe Evangelist Paul Trani and Photoshop influencer Lisa Carney

We’ve also got some promotional updates for our subscribers coming later this year, so it’s the perfect time to start submitting your models to PixelSquid!

The approval and publishing process is fast and efficient. Our monthly downloads have been growing consistently and we are happy with the additional revenue. We hope Pixelsquid will strike even more deals with external markets that will bring even more syndicated downloads. We think that Pixelsquid’s products are very useful for 2D Artists and designers and it is only a matter of time for the client base to grow exponentially.

TurboSquid & PixelSquid Modeler Team Tornado Studio

For the past 20 years, I’ve worked for advertising agencies. I’ve been around all kinds of 2D designers, matte painters, storyboard artists, creatives, etc. I can clearly see the gap that PixelSquid is successfully filling. PixelSquid is positioned as the missing link between 3D creation and the design world. Many have tried to explore these uncharted waters like Adobe with Dimension, Maxon with the C4D plugin, etc. However, the ease of use of PixelSquid and the fact there is no 3D experience needed to handle it with off-the-shelf pre-rendered, ready-to-use assets is the game-changing twist. The best part is, it comes with the minimum efforts for the TurboSquid artist and literally no extra efforts if submitted through the StemCell pipeline.

TurboSquid & PixelSquid Modeler Ecleposs