PixelSquid Updates: Introductory Pricing

PixelSquid is now on the fast track to launch. This week, we saw a number of updates to the functionality of the site. We are also working on e-commerce capabilities. You may have noticed that all of the products on the site are now displaying a price of $10.

As we ramp up for a customer-facing launch, we are working out both the ability for visitors to purchase and download imagery, but also an introductory price point that we think will entice users to explore, and– more importantly– to download the content available. Remember, once we launch to the general public, download tracking that is related to the contest will begin. This will provide us with a great deal of data to further determine pricing.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of the great new products that have been added to PixelSquid. We’re very excited to get this into the hands of customers and show off the amazing work you’ve been creating!

Featured Image Products By Ann2208, virtualhorizonstudio, and tridkot!