New Users Means New Questions PLUS Some Very Impactful .gifs! is now open to all TurboSquid Artists! We’re excited to welcome everyone to look around and get to know the future of TurboSquid publishing. In the last few days, we’ve gotten some great feedback and questions, so we thought we’d address some of the best ones here.

Q: Will PixelSquid have a zoom feature?

A: We are currently looking at a few different approaches for giving users a better look at PixelSquid products at full-detail, and some kind of zoom is definitely a possibility, so stay tuned.

Q: Will it be possible to submit a complete scene for PixelSquid?

A: We have discussed the idea of doing something like an inverse spinner that would allow the buyer to spin from a central PoV to see different views of an environment.  We’re keeping a close eye on all of the feedback that we receive and if this is a feature that we get a lot of requests for, then we’ll certainly consider developing it in the future.

Q: Is it possible to submit and render objects with effects, like depth of field or noise and filters?

A: One of the goals of PixelSquid is to give designers a product that has as much flexibility as possible.  Depth-of-field is a great example of something that a designer may or may not want, depending on their project.  By including a Z-Depth channel in the PixelSquid PSD, the designer can use Photoshop’s native Lens Blur filter to render Depth-of-field blurring at whatever level and distance they prefer after they have purchased the image.

Likewise, we prefer to let the buyer decide how much grain and other Photoshop filtering is right for their projects.


Keep sending us great questions! Artist feedback and insight has been very valuable to us so far, so we’d love to hear from you.

In the meantime, check out these excellent gifs from our PixelSquid Team. In just a few steps, our Creative Director turned these design-ready PixelSquid PSD downloads into impossibly good “photography.”  

PixelSquid Products in actionPixelSquid Products in action