Lots of “Nice Things” Released including Real-Time Push, Sales Emails and Dashboard Updates

The most recent meme-themed sprint, “This is why we can’t have nice things” is ironic, as it looks like some really nice things were a result of the update.

A full rundown of the release is available here on the forums, but the TL;DR version is included below:

  • Real-Time Push  – Launch of a new page providing content specifically to those in AR, VR and game development. Thanks to artist feedback, we launched with over 60,000 models that fit the criteria.
  • Email Sales Notification – A long-standing request from artists to receive emails when a sale is made. Our fingers are crossed that your inboxes are filled with news of model sales.
  • Dashboard Updates – The  “new and improved” new artist dashboard now features a sales details list as well as changes to the CheckMate leaderboard.

Details on other projects that we continue to work toward implementation, along with an outline of the next sprint are also available on the forum post. Click here to read the full-length post.