Highlights from the Recent “U Jelly” Release

Jelly beans, jelly doughnuts/donuts, just jelly – while these may describe some of the sweets that TurboSquid staff members taking a bit of time off for Easter may have indulged in, the “U Jelly” sprint really has nothing to do with any of these tasty treats. Honestly, there is little to do with jealousy either, but we sure do know how to stick with a meme theme.

The full list of updates and fixes for the sprint are available on the forums, but for those that just want the summary, here’s what was recently released (in order of our level of excitement):

  • CheckMate Updates without Penalty – In an effort to encourage existing CheckMate artists to feel they can update their certified content quickly, we’ve changed the way our process works so that updates to imagery, descriptions and metadata won’t affect existing certification status. Moreover, adding another file type to an existing CM model won’t cause the status to change either.
  • New Dashboard – A few general items were cleaned up, as well as replacing the notifications panel with the sales activity panel. Other improvements included changes to the CheckMate leaderboard and submission updates. One item of note regarding: we will soon be defaulting everyone over to the new dashboard. If you have feedback, we encourage you to please read and participate on the dashboard thread on the forums.

Progress on other projects continues, including:

  • Publisher API – Pushing hard to have this complete by the end of April, with a goal of streamlining the publishing process.
  • Feature Graph Artist Assignment – Not ready yet, but we expect to begin inviting artists to test the assignment tool in a few sprints.
  • Customer Purchase Improvements – Getting closer to implementing a solution that allows us to hold payment while we check customer legitimacy.

Happy selling!