What is the catch? What does TurboSquid get?

There is no catch! TurboSquid only makes money when you make money. When you make a sale, TurboSquid gets paid. We take a %  of the sale. How much depends on if you are a member of our SquidGuild (see more here: Click Here). Exclusivity at our site is not required, but as an exclusive member, you can earn extra royalties. When …

Member Dashboard

The Dashboard can be found in the “Member” area under Account in the Navigation Bar and is a personalized space where important sales data is available. If you are a SquidGuild member, the Dashboard will allow access to your SquidLevel benefits and exclusive selling intelligence such as “top-selling” reports, Affiliate Program process and much more.

Calculating my Lifetime Sales

Your Lifetime Sales total is the sum of all of your TurboSquid sales which includes your returned products or returns from fraudulent purchases (Chargebacks). Affiliate Program commissions and bundle product sales (such as the TurboToyboxes) are excluded from Lifetime Sales.

Understanding Ratings

Only those who have downloaded the asset or have been specifically selected as a Trusted Rater are allowed to rate an asset. The ratings scale is from 1-5 and each rater can only rate a particular asset once. Trusted Raters are selected from the vendors, customers and other members of the community who have a history and have built up trust …

Is there a way for artists to promote their work on TurboSquid?

Yes. One way is through an Affiliate link, which you can use to link from your personal website to any page at TurboSquid. You can link to your own products or a search, and if a sale results from that link, you will receive a percentage of that sale even if you didn’t link to that product directly. See the Affiliate Info link at …

How can I improve my product statistics?

Statistics have a cascading effect. As you increase the Small Preview count, the count will also increase for Full Previews, Shopping Cart additions, and Sales because users will be seeing your products more. You will have to experiment and see your results, but below are some possible ways to improve your results on TurboSquid: Small Previews: Add keywords and fill …

Statistical information about products on TurboSquid

You can view several aspects of your products performance on TurboSquid. You can see the number of downloads, sales, revenue, ratings, text reviews, small previews, large previews, and shopping carts. These details can give you insight to how to edit your products to get the best results. Note: The Product Statistics page is only available using TurboSquid in a web …

Can I take my work down?

You can take your work down whenever you want unless the model is CheckMate certified.  All CheckMate models are subject to a 12-month commitment.

How do I see my sales?

Check your sales real-time in the Sales area of the Member tab. Here you will find a report that shows your Account Totals, as well as Sales Summary by month. Please note any special messaging from Accounting which may indicate that you need to submit additional information to receive payment.