Diamond Squid Guild CheckMate Submission Queue Increase

We’ve had requests from a number of Diamond Squid Guild (DSG) members to allow more than 7 models at a time in their CheckMate inspection queues, and after reviewing the submission backlogs (models not in the active 7 CM queue) and first submission success rates from these folks, we have decided to increase the queue numbers from 7 concurrent models in the queue to 50. Yes, you read that right. Fifty. Now that our total backlog of CheckMate inspections is down to an impressive and steady eight-day turnaround (meaning the oldest date on any CheckMate model that hasn’t been touched is 8 days), we felt now was the time to make this change to help clear out the queues for those of you who have been regularly publishing. We have appreciated your patience here. So for all DSG members who have backlogs of models, you should see more of those inspected in a more timely manner, and for those of you who have held off publishing more than 7 models at a time, please feel free to submit more for CheckMate certification into your own queues.


We simply ask that you not use the increased capacity to just “stuff” your queue with incomplete models that will fail inspection. We still encourage you all to download and utilize the same CheckMate inspection scripts we run internally before you publish as a sanity check (you can get them here). This will not only help you pass CheckMate first time out when you do publish, but also keep the overall queue length down in general which is good for everyone.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Inspection or Support teams.