The TurboSquid Best Price Guarantee

Hi everyone,

We are continuing to roll out a number of changes to site and community, and now that StemCell is successfully launched, we are moving on to prices. We’ve been spending a lot of time surveying thousands of customers about their experiences at TurboSquid, and they’ve told us exactly what they love – and don’t love – about shopping with us. We got great feedback about things like our selection, quality, and support. Customers told us again and again that what we have to offer in those areas is unparalleled in the industry. They also gave us key insights into an area where we need to improve: confidence in our pricing.

The Best Price. Always.

We received a lot of feedback about our prices being fair, especially given the overall quality of our catalog. But, we also had people tell us that they often check other sites to see if the same model is available at a lower price. That creates friction for customers, and we want a frictionless shopping experience. To keep their confidence as a one-stop shop, we will be making sure customers always get the best prices when shopping with TurboSquid.

Announcing: The TurboSquid Best Price Guarantee. Artists publishing on multiple marketplaces will now be required to give TurboSquid customers their best price. Standard pricing on TurboSquid can no longer be higher than on other marketplaces.

Customers always tell us they want to quickly get in and buy what they need. We don’t want to condition customers to feel like they have to shop around before every purchase. We want them to know we’ve got the best price on the model they want every time.

What This Means for You

If you sell exclusively with us – nothing. We believe this move will create more long-term, confident TurboSquid customers.

If you have models that are priced lower on other sites, we’ll be following up with an email letting you know which prices need to be adjusted. If your prices haven’t been adjusted after one week, we’ll start the process of adjusting your prices on TurboSquid to match what you have on other sites.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback and answering your questions, so please feel free to join the discussion on our forums.

Happy selling!
Matt Wisdom
TurboSquid CEO / Founder