Earn more in 2018: StemCell and Syndication

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Hi everyone,

We’re all officially back in the office, a little more rested and recharged after the holidays. I hope all of you got to enjoy some time with your friends and family as well. As we kick off 2018, the TurboSquid team is set to release several major new features that are focused on making more money for our community of artists. We have so many new features on the verge of being released that we actually decided to split it into two announcements. I’m going to take you through the first update today, and then I’ll have another set of artist features that I’ll review with you in a few weeks. Exciting times!

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StemCell Submissions Are Now Open!

Build once, earn 51% more

For artists, the most important thing to understand about StemCell is this: you build models in the app that you love, and we’ll work on making you more money from those models. How? By aggressively expanding the number of customers and markets that can use your 3D models. We’re partnering with major companies that are hungry for large libraries of standardized 3D models, and we’re ready to give it to them through syndication. We’ve already got models and imagery being syndicated to marketplaces like:

  • PixelSquid
  • Envato Elements
  • Adobe Stock
  • Project Sansar
  • Canva
  • iStock
  • Shutterstock

In 2017 we saw the average TurboSquid model made over 51% in additional revenue when syndicated to PixelSquid and Envato Elements! And that’s just the beginning – we’re announcing more partnerships in 2018. Each new syndication partner increases the amount of money your model can make.

It’s easy: make StemCell models, and we’ll do everything we can to make you more money for those models. StemCell models receive a boost and a badge in search. We will make sure these models are highlighted on TurboSquid in as many ways as possible.

You can now submit for StemCell

If you are in SquidGuild and have been waiting to submit your models for StemCell, you can officially start doing that today. StemCell will probably require some updates to your workflow, so it’s important to read through the spec before submitting your first model.

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Free3D Syndication

We’re also announcing a new marketplace opportunity for TurboSquid artists. Earlier this year, we announced that The Free 3D Model site– now known as Free3D— had joined with TurboSquid, and today we have begun syndicating the first batch of 3D models to Free3D.

How does it work?

TurboSquid will select the models that appear on Free3D. We are generally starting with models under $25 as we build out the Free3D offering. There are no account settings to change or actions for you to take for this to happen.

The model prices will be the same on TurboSquid and Free3D, as are the royalty rates and amounts. Whatever parameters you set within TurboSquid’s system will be reflected on Free3D.

After a purchase, Free3D customers will download models from within TurboSquid.com’s secure system — your models will not be copied to another site.

How do I know I’m selling on Free3D?

You can check in Squid.io to see if your models are listed at Free3D, and any sales from Free3D will be labeled as such.

Creating new customers

A very large number of 3D customers come to Free3D, and we are going to tempt them at every turn to upgrade to commercial models. We believe this will add new customers and new revenue for TurboSquid artists.

Publishing to our other new site, CGStudio.com, is unchanged for now. We do plan to add syndication from TurboSquid in the future.

As always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and answering your questions about StemCell and Free3D. Feel free to join the discussion on our artist forums.

Happy selling!
Matt Wisdom
TurboSquid CEO / Founder