Updates and Uploads: Easing the Spec Plus Tool Tweaks

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As Squid.io continues to evolve, updates are happening fast and furiously. In an effort to keep your email inbox light, we will post Squid.io changes and updates to the blog.

Spec Update

The biggest change to hit the site since our last email update has been to the the PixelSquid Spec. We received feedback from many artists about the difficulty of resetting object scale within a scene. It can be a very tedious process especially when working with a complex scene that is comprised of a number of objects. It also happened to be the only test point that artists submitting scenes were failing. As it has no affect how the scene renders, we decided to remove the Transforms spec points from the PixelSquid specification (previously outlined as section 2.5). As a result, the Inspection tool has also been updated to remove this check.

We encourage you to download the latest tool, now available at https://resources.squid.io/tools-installer/. This adjustment should make it much easier for scenes to be approved.

New Video Resources

Our team has been busy creating short video tutorials to take make submitting content for PixelSquid that much simpler. “Running the Inspection Script”, the first of many planned videos, can can be found on the TurboSquid Inspector Manual page.

Others are being produced, published and embedded onto the pages of Squid.io currently. Our next blog update will be loaded with links to the pages of the site that house these new resources.

Stay tuned!