Nothing “Mutant” About our Latest Site Updates

You’ve probably noticed a new face on the forums providing Sprint Updates. Rebecca Snook, our Director of QA, is taking the reins after Jonathan’s departure. The adorable toon turtle by 3d artist Kama MT gracing this post (let’s call him Donatello), is named so in honor of our latest sprint. You’ll be seeing other “cutesy” names like that in the coming weeks and months, as our release sprints are named after children’s television program. Next up is Ernie, from Sesame Street fame.

Here are the highlights from the most recent release:

File Conversion Process Improvements
For customers who might need help converting files to new formats, we made some changes that should make the File Format Conversion feature more apparent and accessible before and after they have purchased.
There is a new section on the product preview page which replaces the old link and makes it a more obviously available option.

We also added links to the purchase confirmation page in the cart, and again on the Order History page, in case customers need assistance converting files they have already purchased.

In addition to making the feature more accessible and obvious, we updated the conversion request process itself making it even easier for customers to get what they need from their purchase. In the weeks following these changes to the Conversion Request process we saw a 25% increase of conversion requests!

Feature Graph Assignment Widget
Improvements and fixes continue for the feature graph assignment widget. We hope to be releasing this to all artists very soon.

Related Products 
You might have noticed improved relevance of the products we are choosing to display in the Related Products area on product preview. In the Donatello sprint we made significant changes to the way we’re choosing which products to suggest. We’ve put in place several different methods, and over the course of the next few months we will be capturing and evaluating information about which presentation is most effective and helpful for our users.

Security Updates
Some additional security changes were made to tighten things up for member accounts. More detailed information can be found in our blog post, but because of a string of hacks of Gmail, MySpace, and other sites across the globe, we are again encouraging all our users to enable MFA and to update passwords regularly to keep accounts safe. In an abundance of caution we reviewed the available lists and have reached out directly to those whose information appears at risk.

In addition to the larger features above, a number of smaller updates and changes were also made. The company who provides the code we previously used for social sharing made some undesirable changes in the way code was included and delivered, so we’ve revamped the social sharing. Not only did we update the sharing UI on product preview, but shared assets now display images and links correctly once posted. We fixed the issue with Gmax downloads that were previously failing. We discovered a limit on credit card expiration dates that was too low, so in the shopping cart we increased the date limit to allow for later credit card expiration dates.

As always, we encourage you to provide any feedback you have surrounding these updates and other happenings on related to doing business on on the forums. Click here for the full site update post or to leave your comments.