CheckMate Cancellation Warning

Hello, Artists! We wanted to let you know about a recent update we made to the CheckMate portion of the publisher.

We have reached out to many of our CheckMate artists who have cancelled recent submissions so that we can determine why artists cancel jobs. What we found is that many artists cancel jobs because they find issues before an inspection has started or because they wish to make improvements to the model.

image2016-3-7 9-33-13Many artists are not aware that cancelling a CheckMate submission will completely remove the product from an inspector’s CheckMate queue. This has led to confusion as artists have assumed that their products were still being reviewed when they were actually cancelled.

We felt that adding this warning (left) would help to reduce any unintentional cancellations. The warning message also links to our Before You Cancel That CheckMate Submission blog post, which provides useful information about the inspection process.

We hope that this pop-up helps to clear any confusion about what should and should not be cancelled. If you have any questions about this update, feel free to contact our support team via chat or support ticket. You can also visit our forum post on this topic to share your thoughts with us.