Notice: First Ever Sales Event on TurboSquid

As we discussed when rolling out the recent updates to the Publisher Agreement, we are experimenting with different types of sales events. This weekend, we are hosting the first ever site-wide sale on TurboSquid. We’ll be watching the data closely over the weekend and will use what we learn to influence how we handle any future sales.

The sale is scheduled to begin June 16th (4pm CDT) and will end on June 18th (7pm CDT). Customers will be able to receive 20% off all models from participating artists. Royalties will be calculated based on the sale prices at the same rates as normal. Our goal is to create excitement and sell more volume (25% greater) than the discount (-20%) and create more revenue for artists, and of course value for the customers.

As promised, we provided a way to opt out of sales discounts, and you may turn this off (or on) at any time for your catalog as you see fit:

  1. Go to your Artist Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Permissions section
  3. Under DISTRIBUTION PERMISSIONS, uncheck the box next to “I agree to participate in TurboSquid sales and discount programs.”

You will also be able to check your dashboard to see which of your items have been purchased during the sale.

We’re excited and intrigued to see how existing and first-time customers react to the event. We’ll review the results and talk about ideas for future sales events when it’s all over.