Introducing StemCell: A Breakthrough in 3D Model Standardization

Today is a big day for TurboSquid. After months of R&D, we’re officially unveiling StemCell to the world. This project represents a significant improvement in how all of our artists will be building and selling 3D models. In its simplest form, StemCell is going to allow you to build a model in the application that you enjoy, upload it to our servers, and receive back perfect conversions in many other apps (including the major game engines). You get to spend more of your time building beautiful models, and less on worrying about mastering the tricky art of conversions.

For this beta launch, we are able to take Max and Maya submissions (both with V-Ray) and convert to Max, Maya, Unreal, and Unity. In 2017, we’ll be adding support for Cinema 4D and Blender as inputs/outputs, and Mental Ray, Arnold, Stingray, Lumberyard (and more) as outputs.

Although we are officially announcing StemCell to the world, we are still limiting the number of submissions we accept as we get the process production-ready. Today, we ask that you take a look at our spec, training, landing page, and press release to get a sense of what StemCell will mean for our artists and to learn about PBR workflows. We’ve also got free example StemCell models that you can download and evaluate for yourself.

If you’re interested in being considered for the beta, let us know here. Stay tuned!