New Syndication Opportunities in Unity Asset Store

We’ve partnered with another company who will be accepting StemCell content for sale on their platform – Unity! The Unity Asset Store is an incredible resource for the massive number of Unity developers worldwide. They want to expand their offering of high quality 3D models and plan on using StemCell content to achieve that goal. As part of the deal, they’ve agreed to promote the content we publish directly in their newsletter and various social channels.

We have started with a selection of over 250 StemCell models that are now published to the Unity Asset Store. We’re going to experiment with different types of models, different pricing, and publishing options each month as we operationalize this process. As we syndicate more StemCell content in future months, we will let you know if any of your models have been syndicated.

We’re living in a world that’s increasingly hungry for 3D content, and it’s becoming more and more clear that StemCell can fill that need for lots of different types of customers. The value proposition for artists is simple: publish your models as StemCell, and let us help those models make more money.