Changes to the Search Filter & Sort UI

In an effort to streamline the customer experience, you may notice some changes to the way some of our search filters look on TurboSquid.

Filters for things like Price and Formats get a large amount of clicks each day and will remain unchanged, but after deep analysis of how our customers use the search UI, we noticed that several of the filters and sorts are largely unused and get very few clicks.

Improvements and streamlining efforts to the search UI include the removal of the following filters: model Compatibility, model Rating, SquidLevel, Date Published, top Artists per category, sort by File Type, and sort by Author.

Things like Date Published, SquidLevel, and more will remain on your product page. Customers can still click the Artist name on a product page, which will display your Artist catalog (unlike the Artist filter, clicking the Artist name on a product page is much more common for customers who wish to see all products by a particular artist).

We’ll continue to improve these filters over the coming weeks, and as always, if you have questions about these changes, please visit the Artist Forums to discuss them with us.