New Release: Feature Graph Artist Tool

TurboSquid is proud to announce the full release of our Feature Graph artist tool, which is now available to all artists.  After many years of requests, you’ll now have the ability to set your own categories for 3D models. This small tool in the category area of your product pages interacts with our Feature Graph system of over 20,000 categories.

The ability to also add brands is new, and we hope you’ll enjoy this opportunity to provide more information about your products to customers. The Feature Graph categories affect how customers find your products through keyword search, category search, and our new search breadcrumbs, and gives artists far more control over their products.

In addition to Object and Brand, you will be able to assign your products to Real-Time and Collections categories.

  • Real-Time models can work in a range of applications for things like games, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences. TurboSquid currently uses the assignments to the Real-Time category as a search filter. Game developers are one of the largest customer groups that TurboSquid serves, and this category is very useful to them.
  • The Collections category applies to products with multiple individual models within them. This can be as small as a tennis ball and a racquet, or as large as 30 unique cars. Please note that scenes are typically not thought of as collections. We hope to use this Collections category in the future to help customers find what they need.

If you do not select categories for your products within the first 24 hours of publishing, we will run our algorithm to find appropriate assignments. You will be able to adjust these using the tool.  The TurboSquid staff still reviews all categories for accuracy, but what we have found so far is that our artist community does a great job with it. Eventually, this tool will reside within the new One Page Publisher, but for now, you can access it each time you view one of your products.  

Please take some time to review your catalogs for correct categories. Some of your more recent products may not have categories because of the failings of our algorithm.

If a category is missing or if you have problems assigning categories to your products, you can always reach us through

As always, you can discuss this new feature on our forums. Please see our Feature Graph Artist Tool FAQ if you have any other questions!
Good Luck!