Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs: New Search Feature a Hit with Customers

A somewhat subtle change was released to the Search page design about a week ago. While searching the site, visitors now have the option to move up or down the Feature Graph “tree,” as it relates to their chosen term.

For example, searching for the term “primates” allows for users to access broader results by moving up the tree to “Land Mammals.”


Or for those who want to dig deeper, they can simply click “More,” providing the next level of choices with visuals.


While it is still early in the release, we are seeing some promising data from customers that are using the feature. Those engaging with it appear to have a higher conversion rate than those who simply use search.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the data, while also working on ways to increase visibility of this feature on the page. In the meantime, you will soon be receiving access to the Feature Graph Assignment Widget, upon which this data is completely reliant. Tag with care.