Updates to PS Studio and Inspection Tools

We have released a new tool update, v2.008, which is currently live on Squid.io. I know it has been some time since the tools have been updated, but we were working diligently on it. We have incorporated some of the suggestions, fixed reported bugs, and added a few updates across the board to improve the results of the final products.

There have been some updates to the Light Rigs and materials of the Studio tool providing an overall improvement to renders, so it is important that you are on the latest tool version. The studio tool UI now includes a new drop down option for Spinner Type. This allows the user to designate whether they want to generate the full orbital camera rig or just the top half of the camera rig. This setting is useful for models such as cars or trees; things that are rarely seen from the underside. Be aware that the Quality Assurance (QA) team may override this setting or ask you to change it if they feel the model would benefit from the change.

The inspection tool has had some tests modified and some removed that were not relevant to certain specifications. We know the false positives on some tests were confusing and those should be resolved. The inspector tool should give accurate results for both, PixelSquid and Checkmate tests.

If you have any questions or feedback about the tools, click here to respond to the forum thread created on this topic

Here is the change lists for the tools which can also be found on the tools page

PS Studio v2.05 Updates:

  • Shadow Plane no longer contributes to refraction
  • Slider time sets to 0 when clearing scene to prevent unintentional rotation
  • Added Partial Spinner Camera Rig Option
  • Adjusted Environment HDRI rotation for Product Rig
  • New Environment HDRI applied
  • Fixed a bug in Rule of Thirds functionality for 2013+ Max
  • Fixed bug in Rule of Thirds button on/off toggling
  • Fixed bug in Light Rig Control Group creation
  • Users Render Dialog Open/Close status retained when setting quality
  • Update to Food and Character Light Rigs


Inspection Tool v2.008 Updates:

  • Updated error message for missing textures
  • Changed texture tests to only warn when a texture is 4k or higher
  • Fixed bug in stop test on error
  • Fixed Diffuse Color Test in Pixel Squid Stage Test
  • Removed Overlap Face and Vertices tests from PixelSquid
  • Update stop on error to process all tests, but stop each test on first error
  • Crash when studio script does not run
  • Removed Color Correction Test
  • Studio script materials and textures omitted from testing
  • Updated VRay Color Mapping Mode test for Vray 3.x