TOOL UPDATE: PS Studio and Inspection Tools

Version 2.009 of the tools are now live on We have upgraded the compatibility of the tools to work with Max 2016 and V-Ray up to version 3.2. This includes new render optimizations specific to using V-Ray 3. The UI has gone through some changes as well. Most noticeable is the Shot Camera Rig has been removed, along with the Reflection Card controls. The tool is not much more compact and simple to use. **NOTE: If using Max 2016 you will have to back save to at least 2015 format.**

Upgrading compatibility for V-Ray 3.2 has prompted some changes to the specs, so please be sure to review the PixelSquid Resources page.

If you have any questions or feedback about the tools, please respond on the Update to v2.009 forum topic.

Here is the release notes for the tools which can also be found on the Tools page.

PixelSquid Studio v3.04:
– Shot Camera rig has been removed
– Light Cards controls have been removed
– New Spinner Camera Generation
– Studio compatibility upgraded for V-Ray version 3+
– Studio compatibility upgraded through max 2016
– Studio Render Optimization for V-Ray version 3+

TurboSquid Inspection Tool v2.009:
– Compatibility update for V-Ray 3.2
– Compatibility update for new PixelSquid Studio
– Update to Material Subdivision Test
– Update to Refraction Channel Contribution test

Update, 11/4: a couple minor bugs in the Inspection tool for PixelSquid were reported. Those were quickly remedied today with version 2.010 now available on the tools page.

TurboSquid Inspection Tool v2.010:
– Bug fix to Animation range failing for partial spinners
– Bug fix to Tool not recognizing Studio v3.04 as current studio