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In case you haven’t noticed from recent blog posts, we have been on a roll with updates and new tools for artists. Last month, we alluded to a number of changes as part of our evolution of PixelSquid update. Within the past few weeks, we have started to implement a number of those changes.

To keep progress moving forward, we have even more updates for both new and existing artist tools related to TurboSquid and PixelSquid.

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Precheck Models for CheckMate

On the CheckMate side, we are working on automating the TurboSquid Inspector tool for 3ds Max. Soon, all 3ds Max models submitted for CheckMate will be automatically run through the TurboSquid Inspector tool. Instead of having our Inspectors reviewing one model at a time, we can have machines running 24/7 on one of the slowest parts of the process. We’ll start with just posting the results to the interface, but soon (after we’ve tested this system from top to bottom), we should allow it to automatically fail back to submitters when errors are detected. You should continue to use the Inspector tool on your models, but the new process should significantly decrease the time it takes to get your model reviewed.

Additional application automation is also on our radar, so stay tuned for news and updates.

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PS Studio and Inspection Tool Update

We have upgraded the compatibility of the PixelSquid tools to work with Max 2016 and V-Ray up to version 3.2. This includes new render optimizations specific to using V-Ray 3. The UI has gone through some changes as well. Most notably, the Shot Camera Rig has been removed, along with the Reflection Card controls. The tool is much more compact and easy to use.
In addition to this update, other highlights include:

  • Removal of all shot cameras
  • General bug fixes
  • Update to VRay Material Spec
  • Dropped unnecessary tests within the PS portion of inspection tool (including geometry checks and overlapping faces)
  • You no longer need to backsave to 2012 for everything; now you only have to backsave from 2015, if you work in 2016
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Other Free Stuff

As part of the evolution in PixelSquid, we have removed the Object Library from However, we’ve now opened up the Material and HDRI Library to more artists. While this library was previously restricted to PixelSquid publishers, all SquidGuild and anyone above SquidLevel Bronze can now access these libraries for both their PixelSquid and TurboSquid models.

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