Update: StemCell

This week we released a significant update to the StemCell process that adds support for both OBJ and FBX (both metallic and specular) formats, and also includes an automated process to spot hard fails that need to be addressed before a model can be submitted to an Inspector.

During the submission process, prior to an Inspector opening a model, an automated step will provide detailed feedback on hard fail issues that would otherwise have to be discovered by the Inspector. We expect this improvement will significantly cut back on timely back-and-forth with Inspectors for common issues.

The automated conversion process improvement will make your model even more valuable for customers. All new submissions that go through the StemCell process will have a OBJ and FBX format created in addition to the gITF format, an update we announced earlier this summer.

Our next step is to add these additional formats to the existing catalog of StemCell models. We expect to have an update on this in the coming months.

Haven’t tried StemCell yet? Take a look at the spec, and try your first submission today. StemCell models get a big boost in search, receive automated conversions to popular formats, and become candidates for syndication to sites like PixelSquid, Envato, and Adobe Stock. Here’s how to get started.