TurboSquid Updates: Highlights from the Q-Bert Sprint

SSL and Site Performance
Most of our time during the Q-Bert sprint was spent making continued updates and improvements for SSL. Now that we’ve moved everything over and are delivering all pages securely, we spent some time tweaking the configuration and optimizing things to capitalize on the benefits provided by delivering all pages over SSL. This included not only updating many links to point to the new secure locations, but ensuring all file deliveries are happening securely and without error. We also optimized some image files so we are delivering files with minimum size without sacrificing quality.

As stated in this notice, please be sure to update your TurboSquid links to include https:// instead of http://.

Full Preview
During this sprint we took the opportunity to make some changes to the layout of the sidebar on the full preview page. We moved some things around, organized things a little better, added some tool tips to help users understand what’s there, and streamlined the purchase panel to make it easier for folks to quickly evaluate and add items to the cart.

Miscellaneous and Back End
Our miscellanea this sprint included updates to how we identify and reflect native files in published assets, removal of some old and outdated content on the Site Map, minor bug fixes related to site login from various locations, some blog fixes, and one fix to how and when we display estimated payments on the payments panel on the artist dashboard. Lastly, we made some back end changes for site management.

As always, we encourage you to provide any feedback on these updates on the forums. View this forum thread for the full site update post or to leave your comments.