TurboSquid Updates: Highlights from the Inspector Gadget Sprint

One Page Publisher

A significant chunk of progress was made with the One Page Publisher in this sprint. We have a few more things to put in place before it can be made available for early access, but we hope to have something available to beta testers very soon. If you are interested in checking out and testing the snazzy new One Page Publisher, and you haven’t already given us your information, please let us know and we will add you to the list. We’re excited for you all to see it, and we are looking forward to hearing everyone’s feedback on the new publisher.


Search, Breadcrumbs, and Other Odds and Ends

We put some work into the Feature Graph search breadcrumbs this time around; we spruced up some of the UI elements and made some changes to the results that display in the breadcrumbs. Additionally, we made some cosmetic and minor functional improvements to search results and display options. We spent a chunk of time fixing a smattering of tiny little bugs that have been bothering folks for a while. Finally, we spent some time working to improve some of our back end pieces and internal tools for our support team, so they can better assist our users with any issues encountered on the site.

As always, we encourage you to provide any feedback on these updates on the forums. Click here for the full site update post or to leave your comments.