TurboSquid & Shelby Automotive Company

TurboSquid is excited to make a private and confidential announcement to all artists currently selling Shelby Automotive Company-related 3D models — TurboSquid is now an official Shelby licensee and the only authorized marketplace for Shelby 3D content. It’s a great opportunity for all involved, and it will require several changes to the structure of how TurboSquid will sell and regulate products on our marketplace.


  • There will be a special artist agreement for selling Shelby-related 3D models that you must agree to if you wish to continue selling Shelby-related 3D models. Shelby has also required that all artists submit an image of a government-issued ID to confirm their identity. In compliance with GDPR, the ID will not be stored once verified.
  • TurboSquid is the only approved outlet for selling Shelby-related 3D models. Any Stock Media Product related to the Brands that are submitted to TurboSquid must be disseminated exclusively on the TurboSquid websites. Any content that is removed by TurboSquid, for this reason, will be excluded from sale on the TurboSquid site in the future.
  • Shelby has established a review process for the accuracy of their brands. Once a product of yours is reviewed, you will have 30 days to complete any changes required or it will have to be taken down. We will try to balance this process out over the coming months across all artists to avoid overloading any one artist.
  • Dual-Branded Ford/Shelby models are now allowed. Dual-branded models must be approved by both Ford and Shelby.
  • Shelby-related 3D models may be sold as part of a collection of Shelby-related 3D models once each has been approved individually, however, they may not be sold as part of a general collection of non-Shelby 3D cars or other unrelated models. Additionally, you cannot sell a Shelby car as part of a larger scene, such as in a garage or car lot scene.
  • Wherever feasible, Shelby-related 3D models should include digital rights management technology, including encryption, rights signaling, and copy protection technology, to prevent the unlicensed reproduction, use, or copying of the model.


  • Shelby will share in the revenue for their products in this arrangement. Artist royalty rates will be somewhat lower, and TurboSquid is contributing on a relative basis more to the arrangement than Artists, although we are required to keep these specific details confidential. The new royalty rates for artists for Shelby content are:
    • Diamond SquidGuild: 48%
    • Ruby SquidGuild: 46.4%
    • Emerald SquidGuild: 44.8%
    • Gold SquidGuild: 43.2%
    • Silver SquidGuild: 41.6%
    • Bronze SquidGuild: 40.8%
    • Clear SquidGuild: 40%
    • Standard Artist Royalty (non-SquidGuild): 32%

  • You are free to adjust your prices
  • Shelby has initiated a process to approve sales to customers. TurboSquid has built the infrastructure to manage this on the backend.
  • Shelby has the exclusive and unilateral right to approve or disapprove a specific sale of a Shelby-related 3D model depending on a purchaser’s stated use.
  • Shelby has a significant number of licensees that will be directed to your content on TurboSquid. We believe this will increase the sales of Shelby 3D models.


  • Announcement to Shelby artists today — you can see the Shelby agreement here now, and you can go to your Artist Settings to accept the agreement and upload your ID.
  • Over the next two weeks, we will be reviewing Shelby content to make sure it meets Shelby’s standards
  • The customer release is currently planned for May 23
  • On May 23, any content that does not meet Shelby standards will be removed and artists will be notified of the reasons it was removed
  • New royalty rates will not go into effect until the customer announcement
  • After the initial release, new Shelby content will be reviewed as part of a standard ongoing part of the publishing process

    This is a great step forward for our customers, artists, and for Shelby Motors which recognizes the value of our community and has chosen to partner with us. We’re looking forward to releasing this to our customers very soon.