Splashy New Home Page and My Products Makes It To Squid.io

If you’ve been visiting PixelSquid.com, then you likely have noticed that the primary landing page has been the search results page. That has now changed. We’ve completed another piece of the massive puzzle involved in building a completely new site – the new home page! Below is a sneak peak, click the image to check out the live page.

With this new home page and whispers about a public launch, you may be wondering what the actual release date for PixelSquid might be?

All we can say for now is very soon. While the site is coming together beautifully, a larger issue stands in our way from the start of a major marketing push – changes to the downloadable PSD layer structure.

The primary change in the new PSD layer structure is that we have collected all of the layers into a new Layer Folder called *PixelSquid™ Image*. This lets users easily move PixelSquid content into an existing scene or background all at once rather than layer-by-layer. So for example, if a user wanted to add a PixelSquid car to an existing image of a road, they can now just move the *PixelSquid Image* folder and all of the layers – including Depth and Selection Areas – will retain their alignment. We are in the process of updating all products with this new structure now.

While we’re busy updating all of the PSD’s, here’s something just for you…

We are continuing to take steps to make Squid.io a portal specifically for you, the artists. Most recently we have added a new “My Products” page. This visual display of published PixelSquid products along with download and sales data is now available for you to view. You may see download counts there now, just know that these downloads do not count toward the contest. The contest will officially start with the public launch, and run for 30 days after that. We will be providing information on your contest downloads on a separate page.