CheckMate Updates Without Penalty

Hello, artists!

We would like to inform you of some recent changes that will benefit a lot of artists when it comes to updating their certifiable formats. When an artist updates information on a certified product, our system indicates this by removing the CheckMate badge until an inspector can review the updates. This is no longer the case for the following updates:

Price Updates: artists are now able to change the price of their products and still have their CheckMate badge intact.

Non-Certifiable Formats: updating your product with non-certifiable formats (3DS, OBJ, FBX) should no longer remove your CheckMate badge. However, adding a file that includes any of our main formats (3ds Max, Maya, C4D, LightWave, Softimage) will cause the badge to be removed, until the most recently updated files are thoroughly inspected.

So, from now on, making a price change or adding non-certifiable formats should NOT remove the CheckMate badge. The inspectors will still be reviewing these changes to make sure they match the specifications and will contact the artist if any changes are needed.