New Syndication Opportunity with Pond5

We’re excited announce another syndication partner: Pond5, the video-first stock marketplace. Pond5 has built a huge customer base of motion graphic designers, and they’re eager to offer them more Cinema 4D models. Pond5 has had 3D models available for sale for a while, but it’s been a small portion of their business. By partnering with TurboSquid, they’re able to backfill their catalog and provide a better selection for their customers…and you get a chance at selling to an entirely new customer base without any additional work.

We are starting with some of our most popular Cinema 4D content, with a focus on CheckMate models. We are looking to eventually publish up to 100,000 Cinema 4D models (along with any included FBX or OBJ files for those models) to the Pond5 marketplace. If you have models with a Cinema 4D file AND you are opted into the “I agree to allow distribution through 3rd Party Partners that may have lower royalty rates” option in Artist Settings, then your models will likely be syndicated to Pond5. You will be able to see your syndicated models under the “Syndication” area of your Dashboard.

Since we are splitting the revenue between 3 parties for these sales, the payout amounts will be lower than a standard sale on TurboSquid. Pond5 receives 35%, and then the remaining share is split between the artist and TurboSquid at the appropriate royalty rate. We believe that this will provide us with net new business – satisfied Pond5 customers that otherwise wouldn’t be buying from TurboSquid. Our goal is to make you more money for your models, and syndication is a key part of that strategy.