CheckMate Fixes and Older Software

An important notice about versions of 3ds Max, Maya, and C4D for all CheckMate Artists.

This message is for all Artists who are contributing CheckMate models. Please read carefully to help us better inspect your models in a timely manner, especially if you are using older versions of any of our supported software.

As everyone should be aware, the TurboSquid CheckMate inspection team makes small fixes to models on an Artist’s behalf and resaves that model back to the format it was originally submitted under. This has been, and continues to be something we do for all of you. However, as 3D software licensing is rapidly evolving and the gap between supported versions of a 3D app is widening, the CheckMate Team will be inspecting the submitted models with the oldest version of the software available.

Previously, as new versions of the 3D apps were released, we were able to inspect older models in the newer versions. If fixes were required based on CheckMate, we made them and re-saved them back to the same version they were originally published in (e.g., opening a Max 2012 file in Max 2016, and backsaving to 2012 once fixes were complete). Because the newer software can only backsave content so far, we will not be able to upload fixed versions of old products in their native version. For content that is affected, all changes will be sent back to the Artist to be fixed.

With the releases of 3ds Max 2022, Maya 2022, and Cinema 4D R23, we will no longer be able to backsave files in their original software version for the following applications:

  • 3ds Max prior to 2015
  • Maya: prior to 2018
  • Cinema 4D: prior to R20

This does not mean we won’t be able to inspect models that are submitted with these older versions of the 3D software – we simply won’t be able to do the fixes on your behalf. As newer versions of software are released, this list is subject to change.

What can you do?

Artists can help limit possible version issues by staying current and upgrading their licenses. However, we do understand that this may not be possible for everyone. As such, for CheckMate submissions that use out-of-date software; here is what we can offer:

  • If the version required is not available: we will inspect assets in the next available version 
  • If a problem that we typically fix is found: we’ll initially send the job back so you can fix and save it in the same version. However, if the published version is not important, send it back to us stating this and we can attempt to fix and save the file in the next available version that we have.
  • Please note: in some very rare cases with extremely old files, there may still be some jobs we will not be able to fix and/or certify. If a specific file in a product can’t be certified due to this issue:
    • PRO ONLY: if the issue is one of many files within the product, you can choose to “Do Not Certify” it so the rest can be inspected.
    • LITE ONLY:  unfortunately, the option to “Do Not Certify” individual files is not available for CM Lite.

Thank you for your attention to this issue and for your patience as the CheckMate Team continues to work with issues related to older versions of these applications. You may continue to communicate with the team regarding specific issues as they are submitted, but for general questions about this message, we have opened a forum thread for discussion.

–The TurboSquid CheckMate Team