StemCell Artist Update

Hello Artists!

We launched StemCell 2.0 to the entire TurboSquid artist community a few months ago and wanted to share some of what we have learned so far:

  • Each week our submission counts get higher and higher. In one recent week, more than 20% of all new assets were submitted for StemCell.
  • We are bringing lots of new artists to StemCell! As StemCell 2.0 is open to the entire artist community, 75% of StemCell 2.0 artists had never attempted StemCell before.
  • Similarly, some artists have found that high-quality older assets without any certification fit the StemCell criteria perfectly. Around one-third of submissions in March were for assets that were published in 2023 or before. This will be the best way to receive a search boost for both old and new assets going forward.
  • With this in mind, it’s notable that exclusive assets on TurboSquid sell about 10% more frequently than non exclusive

    Customers have noticed StemCell! We are seeing some amazing things in our sales and download data for StemCell assets.
  • Over 70% of sales have a customer download for a format that is generated by StemCell, not the artist. You will reach bigger audiences with StemCell
  • Blender files are far more common to publish than to purchase, so the benefits of StemCell to make your asset more popular
  • The top non-native formats downloaded are FBX, Maya, and C4D
  • For a relatively new format, 6% of all sales on TurboSquid are a StemCell asset.

    We have worked hard to smooth out issues with submissions that artists may have had earlier in the process. Some notable fixes:
  • More robust naming auto fixes. We know naming is annoying and we’ve been working hard to improve success rates by automatically fixing node and texture names.
  • Improved transparency support. StemCell is now able to handle even more glass and transmission setups.
  • Totally overhauled the FBX output. This means less failures to convert and significantly better performance in Unity.

We are continuing to improve our processing pipeline, and appreciate all the feedback we have received from our artist.

Blender artists, you can now automatically convert your models into 3ds Max, C4D, and the other StemCell formats to reach new customers. With StemCell v2 we’ve added native support for Blender so your content can generate more sales with professional studios. In the last month we’ve updated the process based on Blender artist feedback to make it easier to use.

Site Updates, Experiments, and Optimizations

  • We now highlight exclusive artist content at the top of every search result page. Being exclusive and producing StemCell are the best ways to boost your assets in search
  • We have updated the collection filter logic to serve customers more appropriate assets
  • Removed improperly assigned terms on older assets to improve search relevance
  • Repaired an issue in the database that was causing incorrect images to appear as the search image
  • Improvements to search indexing and times to improve TurboSquid’s SEO and boost performance.
  • Starting July 1, 2024 we will be limiting turntables to 36 images to ensure more successful uploads. We will monitor turntable success with smaller image counts and review re-enabling larger sets. Alternatively we might support short video clips to showcase models and animations.

We will continue to make improvements as we modernize the site. Our monthly bug fix posts are vital to discovering and solving site issues. We appreciate your dedication to the site’s improvements. Please continue to visit our artist forums to find product updates and suggest improvements.