Latest Site Update Includes New Sales Notifications

For those of you that are active within the Artists’ forum, you may have already noticed that our VP of Product Development, Jonathan Lloyd, has been posting site updates as they roll out.

In addition to posting the updates, Jonathan has been explaining the changes to our process when it comes to releases:

This year we are committing to a new development process that will allow us to release updates more frequently to the TurboSquid and the Squidio artist portal. We hope that this will result in more rapid changes that are valuable for customers and artists. This process also allows us to bite off smaller chunks of development work and allows us to change direction quickly if there are more pressing developments that need to happen.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.06.35 PMOur latest update includes a request that has been championed by a number of artists: Sales Notifications. When one of your assets is sold on TurboSquid, you will receive an email alert. As this is a transactional email, you have been opted in to receive these notifications; however, if you wish to unsubscribe from them, you may edit your preferences on your “My Account” page at any time.

For the latest on what has been released, we encourage you to visit the Site Updates section of the forums.

* Fun fact: We name our development sprints after popular internet memes. “Success Kid,” our most recent sprint, provided the inspiration for the featured image on this post.