Christmas Style Guide

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1 Introduction

In order to help grow the PixelSquid catalog quickly, we are giving you access to our Library Objects. Library items can be combined to create new stock images. We will be releasing Library objects in themed batches that can be used together, and our first theme is Christmas. You have access to over 100 Christmas objects – combine these in interesting arrangements to create new PixelSquid products!

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1.1 Getting Started

As you start to use Library objects to create compelling stock imagery, keep these principles in mind:

  • A search of stock photography sites for “Christmas” will return thousands of images that should give you idea of what kind of shots should be composed. Note all of the shots on white backgrounds!
  • Use existing imagery as a reference only and do not copy any particular images. This is very important!
  • Review various shots and pay attention to lighting, but note that we currently don’t support depth of field (blur), motion blur, etc.
  • Think of small sets as if items were on a tabletop, without backgrounds. A snowman could be set upon a small pile of snow, but does not need a background. Small sets can be used, such as a tree in a corner by a window.
  • The focus is on arranging the objects in a compelling way that can be used with a variety of backgrounds and effects. Therefore, focus on the arrangement and the objects, NOT the background and effects!

1.2 Content Suggestions

Looking for ideas on what to make? We have some options for you to consider. Get creative – try using different combinations of objects to make interesting imagery. Mix and match variations of geometry and materials in a scene, or repeat the same geometry to make a compelling shot.

  • Decorated tree in isolation – play around with different combinations of presents, ornaments, lights and more
  • Decorated tree isolated in a corner – no need to build a full room
  • Multiple decorated trees in a row against a plain background
  • Ornaments in a row with ribbon/string arranged in the center of the frame
  • Ornaments staggered hanging from ribbon/string arranged unevenly in an attractive manner
  • Close-up of single item hanging from a Christmas tree branch – try ornaments, bells, lights or ribbons
  • Ornament cluster hanging from a branch
  • Ornaments arranged around another object, like a vase or sleigh
  • Ornaments on a flat plane in a line, askew, stacked, etc.
  • Candles arranged with ornaments and/or greenery
  • Isolated Christmas gift with decor
  • Single wrapped christmas gift box arranged with variations of greenery, ornaments, and ribbons
  • Pile of Christmas gifts