TurboSquid Policies

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General Site Policies

Terms of Use
Your obligations as a TurboSquid user.

Royalty Free License
The basic license for 3D models and products that you agree to when you buy or download content.

Privacy Policy
What information we collect from you and how we use it internally.

Refund & Return Policy
What types of purchases are eligible for refunds.

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Policies Specific to Artists Selling Stock Media Products

Publishing Agreement
Your obligations as a TurboSquid seller.

PixelSquid Publisher Agreement
Your agreement regarding publishing content to PixelSquid

SquidGuild Agreement
Exclusivity and your obligations as a SquidGuild member.

CheckMate Certification Policies
Your commitment as a seller of CheckMate certified content.

Withholding Policy
Tax regulations for non-US sellers.

Copyright Infringement Policy
Policy regarding submissions of infringing material on TurboSquid

Mature Content Policy
Rules about publishing mature content and content depicting people under the age of 18.

Contact Information Policy
Rules about providing your contact information with the products you sell.

TurboSquid Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions
How you may use Affiliate linking.

CheckMate Tools Terms of Use
How you may and may not use CheckMate Tools.