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See what other artists have to say about their experience in the SquidGuild.


CG ARTStudio

I joined the SquidGuild and I am very happy with it. I had models on other sites, but never had anywhere near the sales I get at TurboSquid. When I have questions, support is fast, and I always get good service. I plan to keep increasing my collection of models at TurboSquid.



I sell my models only at TurboSquid because it’s the only company that’s serious about selling 3D models.



I chose to become an exclusive seller at TurboSquid because it’s the site with the most visibility, and because it gives me great confidence, reliability, and more sales than other sites. I prefer not to disperse my resources, and stake everything on a partner like TurboSquid so I can focus more on modeling, which is what I really enjoy doing.



Thank you for your efforts to make this site the perfect marketplace for my models. Being ahead of the competition for ten years is not an easy task in the digital era. I thank each and everyone of you for your work and dedication.


Massimo Righi

I’ve sold on TurboSquid for years, and it’s been a positive and great experience. I decided to join the SquidGuild because of the increased royalty rate, new benefits and support.


Andrey Kravchenko

With the increased royalties on the SquidGuild, I earn more money than I did on all the other sites combined.



One of the reasons why I sell my 3D models exclusively at TurboSquid is the transparency – the fact that sales and statistics are reported to me immediately gives me the sense that nobody is manipulating the results. I never had that feeling of security in any of the other 3D marketplaces I tried, because those kinds of immediate statistics were not supplied by them.


Gerzi 3D ART

The amount of sales I’ve had on TurboSquid has been impressive. I don’t have a giant catalog, but I’ve been amazed at how quickly my sales numbers have added up. Selling my models exclusively on TurboSquid is going to allow me to spend a lot more time doing what I love to do, which is creating new models.


Alex Kontz

I joined the SquidGuild because of high level of sales at TurboSquid that I could reach nowhere else. Their professional member service support team allows me to concentrate completely on my own modeling efforts.



TurboSquid is my main income source and gives me a lot of fun and freedom.



When I saw my first sales at TurboSquid I was quite shocked. Now my my main work is creating and selling 3D models.


k garrow

Joining the SquidGuild was a no-brainer for us. Well over 95% of our revenue for online model sales comes through TurboSquid, so we didn’t have to think too long.



Over the years TurboSquid has become more than just a hobby that pays. It has allowed me to hone my skills as an artist by being part of a competitive 3D marketplace while steadily earning a reliable income.



I’ve been selling 3D models through TurboSquid for over seven years now. It started out as a hobby in February 2002. I was in full-time employment at the time and only had a few hours a day to build and publish my models. I remember making my first sale of $7.50 in March of 2002 and I became extremely excited at the prospect of being able to generate revenue online with very little startup cost! Revenue from sales just kept growing on a monthly basis and by 2005, I was earning enough to quit my day job as a senior 3D Design Illustrator in an architectural/workplace design company. I decided to concentrate fully on creating and selling 3D models online. TurboSquid has not only generated a stable income for me throughout the years, it has also exposed my work to the rest of the world at zero cost to me.



I have been a member for more than five years now and TurboSquid never failed to surprise me with more profits and more privileges. When I was contacted about the SquidGuild I accepted the offer at once! They are the most famous name in the CG online stores business. By posting my work with TurboSquid I guarantee to myself that all my pieces will be widely exposed.


mellow box

I joined the SquidGuild for one main reason – because sales at TurboSquid simply rock in comparison to other sites.



With the amount of sales I get on TurboSquid, and the increment in royalties and benefits offered with the SquidGuild, it wasn’t a difficult decision for me to join.



I hold an extensive aircraft collection of over 500 aviation related models. It was time-consuming for me to maintain them on every stock 3D site. With the SquidGuild program, I only have to focus on one site. And with the 60% royalty, I cover any sales I had from the other sites. Besides, most of my frequent customers know me through TurboSquid!

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