Multiple Accounts Require Unique Email Addresses

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Sometimes when members have multiple accounts tied to a single email address, it can cause issues when managing those accounts or opening support tickets. To help tackle this issue, all TurboSquid members are now required to have a unique email address on each of their TurboSquid accounts. To resolve this issue, visit your TurboSquid Account page and change the email address on any of your TurboSquid accounts to an email address that is not already associated with another TurboSquid member account.

We understand that many of you use the same email address so that you can receive notifications in one place. Many email provides, including Google (Gmail), Yahoo, Hotmail, Fastmail, and others, allow users to create several variations of the same email address that will allow you to receive all mail from the addresses in the same place.

For example, an email address that reads can be adjusted by adding a “+” and text as an identifier after it, such as or Emails to each of these variations will be received by the core email address —

If you are having trouble changing your email address, please contact TurboSquid Support.